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This is a private class.

Cost: $ 20.00
A fun way to make a lovely pot holder!

Cost: $ 25.00
During this 1-day session, you learn the secret of making the traditional ?flying geese? unit with precision!

Cost: $ 45.00
A new class on the timeless Log Cabin pattern! 38" x 38"

Cost: $ 45.00
Keep Quilting is the next level after Start Quilting and highlights bias piecing ( ie. half square triangles, flying geese), as well as reinforcing previously learned techniques.

Cost: $ 45.00
The perfect week-end get away bag!

Cost: $ 45.00
This bag is great for organizing everything you need for each of your projects!

Cost: $ 30.00
For those who want to quilt! We start at the beginning and, in 5 weeks, you will take home a completed quilt. (One week is skipped to allow everyone to catch up for the final class session.)

Cost: $ 75.00
Want to be organized? This clever cover will make storing and transporting your quilt supplies easy and stylish. There are 5 drawers and multiple pockets to keep your tools close at hand. The long sturdy straps allow you to take things on the go! Whether you are going to class or retreat or using this system at your sewing table, this is a must to keep everything organized and ready to use! **Important** There is some pre class work that has to be completed.

Cost: $ 70.00
This is a one block quilt that measures 51 " x 60".

Cost: $ 30.00
Sew a wiley forest friend using Tony Whitney?s Red Fox pattern!

Cost: $ 60.00