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Drop Zone Bag Pattern

Multipurpose zippered pouches in three sizes open to create shallow trays that provide great visibility and easy access to contents.

Use them to store and carry personal items or a variety of art, office, and craft supplies.

Grab tabs make opening and closing easy. The optional hardware on one end may be used to attach a strap or other object.

The pattern includes complete step-by-step instructions for bags in three sizes:
Small: 2½""H x 5""W x 5""D when open, 2½""H x 5""W x 2½""D when closed
Medium: 2½""H x 7""W x 5""D when open, 2½""H x 7""W x 2½""D when closed
Large: 3""H x 9""W x 6""D when open, 3""H x 9""W x 3""D when closed

Drop Zone makes a great class for confident beginners to advanced makers. We'd suggest a three-hour class for students to make ONE bag.

The pattern includes instructions for cases in three sizes. The process is the same for each size, so students can choose a size that will best fit their needs.

As always, we'd ask students to read the pattern and watch the full step-by-step Add-on Video for this project before coming to class.

To make best use of class time, we also recommend that they come to class with everything cut out for the size of zippered tray that they are making and that they quilt the fabric for the body. So, they should complete all of step I. CUT AND QUILT on pages 2 and 3 BEFORE coming to class.

Visit for a Class Supply List for Drop Zone.

Add-on Video notice: There is an Add-on Video™ available for this pattern. The Add-on Video™ is specially designed to support specific parts of the pattern and help the customer learn our best techniques. It doesn't replace the pattern -- it will enhance their sewing experience.

To support local quilt shops, related paper patterns include a coupon for the value of the Add-on Video™. This is a $5.00 value. Customers can then use the coupon to get the video for free on the website.