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Angels Above Apron Kit

This kit has the apron panel and 25" of the Angels Above Royal Stars Metallic fabric for the backside of the apron. Simply press the two fabrics right sides together and cut out the apron on the cut lines. Now you have the apron and the backing ready to start sewing, but first sew up the ties right sides together then turn right sides out and press them. Place them inside your layers at the points indicated and start sewing all the way around the apron. Leave a 6" opening at the bottom for turning. Turn apron right side out and press then sew a small seam close the the edge all the way around to keep the shape and close the seam at the bottom. I made the apron and just made one of the ties for around the neck I don't like to tie it! Just make it to fit your size and pin one of the ties in place instead of two. That way you have a loop instead of ties.