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Smokin' Hot Apron Kit

This kit has the Smokin' Hot apron panel (with instructions included to sew up your apron and oven mitts). We have also included enough red hot pepper fabric to back your apron and mug rugs, by the way there are 4 mug rugs (coasters) on the panel. We have insul-bright batting included for the oven mitts, (and mug rugs) and red fabric for the lining and binding of the mitts. I sewed the mug rugs right sides together with the batting on the bottom. Leave an opening for turning. Clip corners to reduce bulk, turn right side out and push out corners with a knitting needle! Then sew a seam all the way around to close the opening and I also sewed around the center square to quilt the mug rug. 

I quilted the insul-bright with the fronts of the oven mitts using a crosshatch design. Do this to all 4. Sew with right sides together and trim corners and notch the edges so it will lay flat when turned right side out. Then I sewed the red lining together and slipped the lining down into the mitts. Now apply the binding at the top to finish it off. The instructions tell you to sew up the mitts differently but if you do it this way you will not have a raw edge showing inside the mitts. 

Hope you enjoy making this Smokin' Hot Apron and mitts!