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Bobbin Winder Stopper Screw

This screw is used on the bobbin winder stopper to hold the stopper in place.

Use with: 
2003P, 2018S, 2039SN, 2040, 2041, 2041LX, 2041NX, 2041S, 2041S & 2141S, 2041SX, 2049LX, 2049SX, 2118S, 2139N, 2139S, 2149SX, 3022, 4048/8048/HF8048, 509, 521, 525S, 625E, 659, 7061NX, 712T, 7318, 7330, 7330, AQS2009, COMBI-10, DC2007LE, HARMONY 2041, HF1012, HF2022, HF3000, HF8077, HF8077, HT2008, JA1504-1512, JD1803, JD1803, JD1803, JD1803, JD1814, JD1818, JD1822, JF1004, JF1022, JS1004, JS1008LE, LR1612-1622, MC200E, MC2400, MC3000, MC3500, MC4000, MC4400, MC5001, MC5200, MC5200, MC5500, MO200, MO200, NH1612, NH1616, NH1622, QS2250, S-750, SD2014, Sewist500, SW2018E, US2004, US2014 2212, 2206 , DC2012 , Necchi EC100